We believe that smaller hodlers and hodlers without the technical know-how in setting up masternodes should still be able to invest in masternodes, even though they might not have enough to start their own masternode or have the time to familiarize themselves with the process of setting up a masternode.

The service we offer lowers the barrier to entry to participate in earning master-node rewards and presents investors the ability to participate in various master-nodes without having to set them up or invest large amounts.

More importantly it offers existing masternode hodlers the opportunity to invest their masternode rewards immediately in a new masternode without having to wait to secure the masternode principal amount.




Lease a percentage stake in one of our masternodes and earn masternode rewards relative to your stake. At the moment we are only leasing out stakes in our Phore masternodes, but we control other masternodes of other crypto assets that we will integrate in the future. Enabling investors to invest in a wide range of masternodes in one investment or invest only in those particular masternodes that interest them.



The principal investment amount (minus our premium) will be locked up for three months and returned to you after 12 months, but can be requested back earlier than 12 months (but no earlier than 3 months) at a service fee. Extensions for over twelve months are available, payable in phore and cheaper than acquiring a new stake. For all the rates, projected earnings and prices navigate to our 'our services' page.





We use multi-send to send your stake of the masternode rewards securely and swiftly to your wallet the moment they come in. We take care of setting up the master-node and you will never have to worry about any extra costs, what you pay for is what you get, we take care of the VPS costs as well as any other maintenance costs and fees associated with maintaining the masternode.